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I'm a UX professional with more than 20 years of cross-functional design/engineering and digital marketing experience. Always looking for a new adventure,  my unique mix of applied tech skills bring huge impact to projects and teams when applying one or more of the following areas of focus.

Focus Areas:

  • UX Strategy & Interface Design
  • Site Performance Optimization
  • Ecommerce & Conversion Optimization
  • Marketing Technology Strategy

Past & Current Clients



20 Years

Independent Consulting

Sherry Errera d.b.a. Percepta Digital

UX/Digital Strategy, Optimization & MarTech Consultant

As an independent consultant, supporting businesses, organizations and other sole proprietors looking for short-term professional services that leverage any of my practice areas. Or, if you're looking for a longer-term engagement, for example website performance optimization, let's meet to plan a retainer-based engagement to better meet your needs.
My areas of practice cover needs such as:

  • Strategy development through analysis, planning and requirements realization
  • Technology acquisition and on-boarding
  • Project management and execution
  • UX/CX architecture, design, and engineering
  • Ongoing optimization, analysis, and improvements
  • Omni-channel/digital marketing tech management
  • Data architecture and process management for analytics, marketing, business systems (CRM, DMP, ERP)
  • Event marketing, planning and production
  • Digital video post-production editing, graphics, titling and credits, to-market packaging and distribution
  • Lastly, look the right of this list for a broad list of disciplines I'm experienced with.
Now, the above list is not exhaustive, so if you don't see what you're looking for there, please contact me to share what brought you here! Chances are I can assist you and would love that opportunity! Otherwise, I'm a great resource to refer you to someone on top of their game who can.

Roles & Responsibilities

2021 - Present
Percepta Digital Distribution

Publisher/Business Development

  • Created this new business under DC Concerts as creative way to recoup live production expenses/loses and create new revenue, while also providing artists previously unrealized exposure opportunities and merchandise.
  • Negotiated terms and contract with artist to license and co-promote/produce OnDemand concert video for rent and sale starting with Vimeo and a plan to expand to Amazon, Apple, and other video outlets.
  • Produced commercial video package from concert footage, including design and integration of live motion graphics for video’s intro and end credit segments, as well as design of a promotional movie poster and marketing campaign graphics for social media, email, and digital ads.
  • Produced a movie trailer and two music videos for distribution across video platform, social media and to artist’s followers and mailing lists ahead of movie’s official release to Vimeo on Demand on March 15, 2022.
  • Designed and configured movie’s VOD sales page on Vimeo’s platform.
  • Developed and launched branded streaming channel feed to promote the movie to ROKU and Amazon Prime Video subscribers, linking them to VOD purchase.
2020 - Present
DC Concert Productions

Director, Digital Business / Livestream Producer

  • Worked with Grammy nominated artist to produce and promote the virtual venue's first livestream concert event in June 2021.
  • Expanded product sales channels for growth to include shops on Facebook/Instagram, now 18% of sales, and Pinterest 4% of sales.
  • Opened new revenue channels for the business including risk-reducing event production packages.
  • Founded a novel business loss reduction opportunity by licensing concert and event footage to package and sell on demand for gaining new revenue or reducing losses from our live and livestream productions.
  • Developed a business continuity strategy for our company that primarily produced live events prior COVID-19 appeared, threatening to decimate the entertainment industry, including grant/loan acquisition, livestreaming, and complimentary media/ecommerce.
  • Configured Shopify end-to-end for e-commerce business operations including business rules/policies, payments systems, shipping, reporting and analytics, product catalog, automated email messaging and site architecture.
  • Designed website theme, graphics and content including the informational pages, front-end product catalog, events calendar, and checkout. • Created the framework to produce livestream events for quick requisition of components when needed, including the audio/video team, a producer, the livestream video platform, and destination (virtual venue) where we would broadcast events.
  • Integrated ticketing platform for virtual events to enable ticketholder-only access to a virtual venue where Guest would view livestream concert events, and to manage live events, releasing us from 3rd party ticketing expenses in the future.
  • Designed landing page templates for event ticket sales, where users ticket management page where a unique passcode is given to ticketholders for entry to a virtual event, and a QR code is supplied for scanning for entry to live events.
  • Work hand in hand with agents and artists to create a multi-channel marketing campaigns leading up to the event, including sales landing page, excitement-building video series, digital marketing campaigns including video spots shown across social media, and audio-only spots on Spotify.
  • Created and produced Sweepstakes with artist donated prizes and video announcement of the winners.
  • Produced and coordinated pre-show Q&A with artist and 25 guests.
  • Designed DC Concerts and DC Fest branded print-on-demand products (t-shirts, hoodies, tote bags, etc.) to sell in our store; later expanding our catalog and suppliers to include test items along with carefully curated products selected based on our customer interests/demographics, market data research, Pollstar industry data, catalog engagement across social, our email marketing and Google Analytics.
  • Developed and planned the digital marketing campaigns for concerts including design and implementation of e-mail campaigns, social media campaigns for Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, inserted event listings on sites such as Bands in Town and Songkick and produced radio spots for Spotify and the traditional radio network K-LOVE. Accomplishments
  • Worked with Grammy nominated artist to produce and promote the virtual venue's first livestream concert event in June 2021.
  • Expanded product sales channels for growth to include shops on Facebook/Instagram, now 18% of sales, and Pinterest 4% of sales.
  • Opened new revenue channels for the business including risk-reducing event production packages.
  • Founded a novel business loss reduction opportunity by licensing concert and event footage to package and sell on demand for gaining new revenue or reducing losses from our live and livestream productions.

Agora Financial

Sr. Manager, Digital Experience & Optimization

  • Driving revenue growth for Agora Financial by optimizing customer experiences across all digital touchpoints to increase customer LTV through improvements to acquisition, retention and renewal funnels and processes.
  • Conduct UX research, user/usability testing, as well as A/B Multivariate testing to analyze and recommend digital experience improvements across all facets of marketing, offer and product assets.
  • Support personalization and segmentation optimization strategies through advancement, engagement and implementation of marketing technologies.
  • Create/Design optimized UX/CX funnels and interfaces that support direct response marketing efforts, facilitate lead gen and ecommerce transactions, and digital subscription delivery.
  • Support site performance optimization and SEO through oversight of code, page and content architecture, providing analysis and feedback for continued improvements.
  • Governance and oversight of data collection implementation, ongoing audit and validation and management of the systems and vendors that facilitate all aspects of these technologies.
  • Partnership with Solutions Teams, SME’s and Vendors to advance business priorities as they align with driving growth and revenue and ensure strategy implementation aligns with business goals.

2016 - 2018
TELESIS Corporation

User Interface Designer / User Experience Consultant

  • Support TELESIS as subject matter expert and for UX/UI design and engineering.
  • Collaborate with business and technical teams to evaluate requirements and translate them into user-centered interface solutions.
  • Conduct system and user research for analysis and applying learnings to product designs.
  • Produce and maintain information architecture assets including user personas, user flows, sitemaps and wireframes.
  • Design and maintain graphic designs for user interfaces and components, including UI and interaction design screens and style guides, patterns and conventions for applications and websites.
  • Develop and manage of hi-fidelity, interactive UI prototypes to maintain a collaborative and efficient team workflow.
  • Ongoing collaboration with project teams for iterative approach to design and feature improvements.
  • Design the user interface for an enterprise metrics dashboard that reports maturity level scores and metrics to report NIST Cybersecurity Framework compliance for the federal multi-agency Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).
  • Most recently developed new user experience workflows and designed the user interface for Telesis’ OpenFISMA+; a popular cybersecurity compliance automation platform that tracks the lifecycle of findings, vulnerabilities, and system documentation for federal agencies.

2013 - 2019

Manager of User Experience, Information Architecture & Analytics

  • Optimized marketing and conversion funnels based on usability, A/B testing and data analysis.
  • Developed the UX/IA roadmap based on insights gathered from research and analysis.
  • Directed UX/IA strategy to align business goals with implementation.
  • Designed wireframes, process flows and prototypes for websites, features, and marketing technologies.
  • Coordinated and executed UX test plans to improve key metrics and report findings.
  • Developed an analytics roadmap, including KPI development and analysis strategy.
  • Engineered and managed our omni-channel, segmentation and personalization platforms.
  • Implemented and managed digital marketing and analytics tag management systems.
  • Directed technical implementation of enterprise marketing and web analytics platform architecture.
  • Developed and managed attribution strategy and technology for enterprise marketing channels.
  • Managed organic search engine optimization (SEO) initiative.
  • Managed vendor relationships including daily operations, project management and service agreements.
  • Accomplishments
  • Successfully directed the migration of our marketing tech platforms as part an enterprise ecommerce platform launch, including: Monetate, TealiumIQ, Google Analytics 360 and Salesforce Marketing Cloud, while saving the company $250k+ in added vendor fees.
  • Launched new Ecommerce Analytics Initiative; a program meant to promote data driven decisions throughout the enterprise and expand that data-minded culture to Medifast’s new international business offices in Hong Kong and Singapore
  • Implementation of Tealium Audience Stream to optimize our paid digital marketing remarketing campaigns through audience segmentation, and further optimize our cart abandonment programs to save the 5-10% commissions paid on orders to our existing vendor.
  • Facilitated by Monetate, we developed an end-to-end test to measure impact on retention by allowing customers to cancel online and by phone vs.
  • solely by phone. We learned that customer calls to a scripted CSR had a 24% save rate and that calls to unscripted CSRs had the same save rate as those only interacting with the website’s sale-saving component which was a dismal 4-6% save rate. In the end all cancellation requests were directly solely to a dedicated group of CSRs.
  • Designed and developed the frontend architecture and UI design for the enterprise promotion, loyalty and rewards, and replenishment programs.

2007 - 2013

Sr. Web Architect

  • Designed wireframes, process flows and prototypes for websites, features, and marketing technologies.
  • Designed and developed websites, landing pages, banners, features and content into enterprise websites, microsites and social media properties.
  • Developed written business cases and technical requirements for design and development projects and marketing campaigns.
  • Developed and owned the Medifast Direct Charter as a roadmap to examine, re-invent, and implement a new customer experience through message, means and support.
  • Coordinated and executed site testing plans to improve key metrics and report findings.
  • Implemented tag management system across all enterprise sites, apps and related properties.
  • Acquired and implemented product merchandising tools including visual search, products recommendation engine and product badging.
  • Accomplishments
  • Onboarded and implemented new universal tag management initiative with Tealium to boost marketing agility.
  • Onboarded and implemented Monetate for onsite A/B Testing and Targeting.
  • Designed, developed and implemented Cart Abandonment Email program for Medifast Direct to realize a $4 million-dollar revenue recovery in less than a year.
  • Designed UI quick order interface to improve call center speed, as well as assist our network of more than 7,000 independent health coaches speed order processing time from remote locations.
  • Architected and designed the foundation for a new open template structure for Medifast Direct to improve speed to market for front-end feature improvements and content optimization.

1996 - 2008
Stingray Internet Communications

Principal, Designer & Engineer

Prior to my time at Medifast, in 1996 I founded what grew to be a leading ecommerce and marketing firm developing strategic new business channels via the web for early adopters and established corporations. We provided a full suite of ever-evolving services and technologies including to-market strategy, development and implementation of both content and commerce driven websites, creative assets, brand design/evolution, marketing communications and ongoing digital/site optimization.


Stanford University
Coursera Online Courses

Human Computer Interaction

Learned several techniques for rapidly prototyping and evaluating multiple interface alternatives -- and why rapid prototyping and comparative evaluation are essential to excellent interaction design, how to conduct fieldwork with people to help you get design ideas and how to make paper prototypes and low-fidelity mock-ups that are interactive.

Google Analytics
Cardinal Path, Onsite Training

Advanced Google Analytics

Learned how data gets collected and processed into readable reports, how to use configurations like Custom Dimensions, Custom Metrics, and Event Tracking to collect business specific collect data. Also learned more advanced analysis techniques using segmentation, channel reports, audience reports, and custom reports.

Monetate Summit
Philadelphia, PA

Monetate University

Meant to be interactive, Monetate University focused around specialized breakout sessions, receptions and other events addressing the multi-channel personalization challenges and opportunities facing today's leading businesses. Breakout sessions also featured presentations by industry experts, Monetate executives, customers and partners, as well as interactive roundtable discussions.

Google Analytics
E-Nor Analytics U

Mastering Google Analytics

Comprehensive lessons: from the basics of standard installation, setup and report interpretation – to advanced implementation utilizing Google’s Tag Manager and customized reporting.

Tealium Bootcamp
2013 | New York, NY

TealiumIQ Fundamentals & Advanced Training

Learned step-by-step instructions for solving common use cases, best practices and advanced techniques for tag management and audience segmentation, along with hands-on training on live demo environments to maximize training impact.

University of Baltimore
Bachelor of Science

BS, Communications Design

Minored in Video Production. Graduated with Honors and offered a fellowship for a Masters Program. My professors recommended that try my hand in business first. Haven't returned to UB yet, but maybe one day!

Download My Resume
Download My Resume


  • UX Strategy, Architecture & Analysis
  • UX Design & Engineering
  • Front-end Performance Optimization
  • Conversion Rate / Digital Marketing Optimization
  • Web Analytics / Tagging Implementation
  • Marketing Technology Implementation
  • Technology Partner Liaison/Consulting
  • Content/Information Architecture
  • Audience Segmentation & Personalization Strategy
  • Business & Ecommerce Strategy
  • Technical Requirements Development



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Thanks for your patience! - Sherry Errera 4/21/2022
OpenFISMA+ User Interface

OpenFISMA+ User Interface

Case Studies, Workflows/Wireframes
Federal Government Agency: Cybersecurity Dashboard

Federal Government Agency: Cybersecurity Dashboard

Case Studies, User Interfaces, Workflows/Wireframes
Stuart Kaplow: Real Estate Law Firm Identity & Website

Stuart Kaplow: Real Estate Law Firm Identity & Website

Case Studies, Logos, Websites
iBar: Identity, Collateral & Website

iBar: Identity, Collateral & Website

Case Studies, Logos, Print, Websites
Acquisition/Retention Customer Flows

Acquisition/Retention Customer Flows

Case Studies, Workflows/Wireframes
Flight1 Carriers: Website with Donations

Flight1 Carriers: Website with Donations

Monetate DMA Store Location Widget

Monetate DMA Store Location Widget

Case Studies, Workflows/Wireframes
Continuity Campaign Execution Strategy

Continuity Campaign Execution Strategy

Autoship Aquisition Offer Wireframes

Autoship Aquisition Offer Wireframes

Case Studies, Workflows/Wireframes
Enterprise Email Marketing Data Architecture

Enterprise Email Marketing Data Architecture

Case Studies, Workflows/Wireframes
Streamline Checkout Flow

Streamline Checkout Flow

Case Studies, Workflows/Wireframes
Product Launch / Email Lead Gen Campaign

Product Launch / Email Lead Gen Campaign

Case Studies, Digital Advertising


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