Autoship Aquisition Offer Wireframes


A significant change to our acquisition and loyalty program introduced much complexity to the messaging and increased the scenarios that required unique messaging to 4 times what had been. Those changes also introduced new requirements to checkout displays, as well as the customer’s my account pages where they were able to manage their auto shipments and order contents.

After the project's original BA struggled to understand the business rules to write requirements and create user stories for development, I was asked to jump in and create the documentation and wireframes so that the development team could begin work, and then too, the BA could continue to create the user stories.

The entire project is not documented here, but I am able to show the hybrid user interface requirements and wireframes that I created for the development team. 

I worked directly with the team to build out the messaging system shown. It was important that the system would allow for messaging updates marketing team web designers at will and apart from the back-end code. Creative and promotional copy changed often, and the marketing team needed to be able to update messaging when needed and push it to production outside of the development release schedule.

Bonus Outcome:
The development team took the messaging idea a step further. They implemented a similar system for the ecommerce back office app so that the CSRs in the Call Center would be able to easily identify what a customer qualified for or which program level they were in just by viewing their customer profile.

 Shown Here:
A selection of wireframes containing the visual and written requirements for the impacted ecommerce website's "checkout" and "my account" pages.

The final image, a partial screen shot, displays the final implementation of how the customer-facing messages were displayed for each unique scenario.