OpenFISMA+ User Interface


  • TELESIS Corporation

  • 2018

OpenFISMA+ is an enterprise level tool that provides a framework of managing IT/information security risk and compliance needs of security assessment, continuous monitoring, and ongoing authorization.

It also provides for centralized management of Plan of Action and Milestones for findings, and automates system inventory and reporting requirements.

The project I worked on was to redesign the front-end user interface to use a modern framework such as Angular. The first job was to create a style guide which would be used across the platform as it was developed.  Next, I was to redesign the Findings Module which included a workflow that users would follow for each finding entered into the system. I was also tasked with designing the styles for the main reporting dashboard of the system, as well as the general UI of the platform.

Here I share a few of the artifacts from the project, including the design styles, some of the UI conventions, one of the findings workflow screens, and the findings search results page. I also included a draft of the reporting dashboard.