Stuart Kaplow: Real Estate Law Firm Identity & Website


Stuart Kaplow is one of my career earliest clients.  We designed and developed his original website in 1999! Integrating an Access DB and coded using Cold Fusion, we built a simple CMS and email subscribe/send app as the foundation for that website. Unbelievably that site was active for over a decade.

Fast forward to this century, I heard from Stuart again in 2015. He told me he’d been regularly updating his Cold Fusion website and had always been extremely happy with it – to the very end. But he realized that he was long due for an upgrade. Afterall, there were no smartphones in 1999.

Still avidly writing and posting his legal articles, he still needed a solution where he could easily post, while still maintaining his law firm’s identity as a Real Estate Law leader.  He also now needed a fresh, modern look to his law brand. Since we’d last been in touch, he turned his focus on environmental oversight and green building.

So, we developed a logo along with a style guide for his firm. Something he’d not had before.

The solution for his website was a Wordpress installation with a theme framework that we customized to his brand identity. We also introduced movement and rotating headline from his legal library to the homepage to make his site more of a destination than a static brochure.

We used the blog features of Wordpress to host his legal library.

Finally, we moved his email subscriber list to Constant Contact and integrated a plugin for WP to connect the site to his list.

Stuart is happy once again – and he’s still regularly updating his Legal Library with very interesting articles on everything you’d want to know about Green Building and the impact and legalities surrounding the real estate market.