Acquisition/Retention Customer Flows


It was difficult to not only explain all of the business rules and possible interactions and outcomes of users and their lifecycle within relationship to the business, but it was nearly impossible to keep track of them all when it came time to develop or design a new feature or campaign.  We also knew we were not exactly where we wanted to be with providing an optimal experience.

To show how each of the unique user types of the Medifast website are meant to experience the business based on the acquisition and retention programs we had in place, then draft a set of wireframes to show a proposed set of improvements to the new customer acquisition offer funnel.

I designed a swim lane showing how each user type approaches the acquisition offer decision point, then how they would progress through the program in current state. I then illustrated the next generation version (in teal/blue) as a roadmap for testing into a more streamlined and retention building program.

Further, the accompanying wireframes show a possible front-end solution to increase acquisition.

The features illustrated in the wireframes became the new customer acquisition funnel roadmap for implementation in the new ecommerce platform to be launched in 2019.